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Latest News

August 26th: Thank you to everyone who shared their work with us in our 2020 summer writing contests! We have mailed first-round results (today) to all participants who provided a Canadian mailing address.

If you haven't received news by September 9th, please contact us.

For those being offered publication, author's releases (giving us permission to publish) are due October 1st.

Do you love to read? The upcoming collections are in production and available to pre-order from our SHOP page. Thank you in advance for your support!

July 1st: Do you love to write? Enter our 13th annual national poetry and short-story contests! Please visit our SUMMER CONTESTS page for further details or SUBMIT ENTRY ONLINE if you are ready to send your poem (max. 48 lines) and/or story (max. 750 words).
Deadline: July 31st

June 16th: Yay! The books have arrived. We expect to be finished packing/shipping orders and prizes by June 29th. Please allow time for delivery.

June 8th: We are pleased to announce the winners of our 14th annual national student writing contests: 2019-2020 Contest Results. Congratulations to the final prize winners and all those published!

The magnificent collections are expected to arrive the week of June 15th. We will begin shipping prizes and pre-orders once they are on site. Please note Canada Post and all shipping companies are not guaranteeing time standards due to the pandemic, so when we receive the books (and subsequently, when you receive them) is out of our control this year. We appreciate your continued patience!

If you didn't pre-order, visit our SHOP page to get your copy today. There are a limited number of copies remaining.

June 1st: COVID-19 Update: The student collections are printing. At this time, we are expecting to receive them the week of June 15th. We normally wait until they are on site, but we will announce final prize winners in advance, on June 8th. Thank you for your continued patience.

May 4th: COVID-19 Update: Our printer has re-opened, and the student collections have gone to print. We do not yet know when we will receive them from the printer, but we are still hopeful for our original early June release. We will post here once we know more. Thank you for your patience.

Apr 6th: COVID-19 update: We have adjusted our methods and are working remotely, so we are slightly behind schedule. We are anticipating a further delay as our regular printer is in Quebec and is currently closed.

We have extended the deadline for pre-orders from April 10th to April 24th as we don't expect to be finished the typesetting process until this date (this means your proof sheet will be delayed if you are near the back of the queue). We will continue working hard and hope things return to normal soon.

Thank you for your patience. Stay safe!

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About Us

We are a small Canadian publisher dedicated to the task of creating books showcasing the very best poems and short stories written by Canadians of varying backgrounds, ages, and occupations.

We care deeply about the environment and our country. Our books are printed in Canada on FSC-certified recycled papers!

Many contests charge entry fees to cover the costs associated with prizes and publication and then publish one to three percent of entries. These are wonderful endeavours for those who can afford the fees and accept the odds. Other companies offer to publish almost all the entries and may even charge fees to include things like a small biography.

We, at Polar Expressions Publishing, are trying something unconventional. We are offering an ethical alternative to vanity publishers. By not charging entry fees, we make our contests available to everyone, regardless of financial ability. By publishing approximately 25-50% of the entries we receive (depending on the contest and age/grade of participant), we give all a fair chance to get published and see how their work compares to their peers, while still producing something of high quality.

We hope to inspire Canadians of all ages to continue reading and writing! We know our collections stand out, and we invite you to take a look at what we do. Your experience with us will speak for itself!

We run four competitive contests each year.

Open year-round, in spring, we announce our annual national poetry contest as well as our annual national short-story contest. These are both free contests aimed at writers of all ages (writing for an audience of their peers). Their purpose is to encourage Canadians of all ages to use writing as an outlet for expressing their thoughts and emotions.

In early September, we announce our annual national student writing contests for children and youth in kindergarten through grade twelve. Our intent is to provide a free yet valuable tool to educators to encourage their students and to inspire a lifelong enchantment with poetry and prose. The young people of Canada have an outstanding ability that is often not recognized by the literary world. The creativity they are able to display through their writing can be astounding.

We, at Polar Expressions Publishing, believe all Canadians should have an opportunity to share their work and see what their peers are thinking about. We want to provide that important venue so they are able to write about these things in a positive environment.