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Below are some of the comments we’ve received from poets, writers, students, parents, and educators:

"I'm writing this to give a massive thank you to everyone at Polar Expressions for hosting the annual poetry contest. I'm truly thankful and grateful that I got to participate in it. When I submitted my first poem I wasn't expecting anything. It was just another school assignment. When I had gotten an email saying that Polar Expressions had wanted to publish my poem, I was ecstatic. A few months had gone by and I received another email saying that I had won first place in all of my grade! I was so happy. Entering the contest inspired me to pursue poetry not just in school but in my personal life as well. I discovered a new hobby and learned what poetry actually is. And for that I am truly thankful."
—Gianna M., Prize Winner, Alberta

"Thank you so much for the student writing contest, inspires so many to create wonderful stories!"
—Erin O., Educator, Nova Scotia

"Thank you for continuing to run this program; it's such a good one and the students are always so excited to participate! I know it must take an awful lot of work to do this every year. We do appreciate it."
—Nancy P., Educator, British Columbia

"I was so excited and honoured on being selected as an honourable mention in the 2021 National Poetry Contest. Thank you for the certificate and the beautiful book, Behold, which I will read over and over again. So many wonderful poems. I couldn’t put it down. The cover design is lovely. This experience has been very motivating. Thanks again for the opportunity."
—Roberta M., Prize Winner, Ontario

"Just a short note of sincere appreciation for all the time and effort that went into In The Mist. You and the rest of the team at Polar Expressions did an outstanding job with the book, and I'm certainly both humbled and honoured by being named one of the winners in the 2021 contest. The book's Introduction is particularly noteworthy, not only for what was said, but for how well it was written. New writers like myself scaling a steep learning curve need opportunities to have their stories read by others. Thank you for providing such an opportunity. Being published is gratifying beyond words, and the monetary prize generously given to me is very much appreciated."
— Scott H., Prize Winner, Ontario

"Just received my free copy of Behold along with the prize money. I wanted to let you know how important this contest is for starting authors, like me, who have to swim constantly through rejections. You gave me back the confidence needed to keep writing."
— Dany G., Prize Winner, Québec

"Just wanted to send a massive THANK YOU to everyone. Got my books just in time for Christmas and I was able to share with all the people closest to me. What a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you again for your amazing hard work."
— Marilyn S., Participant, Alberta

"I remember the afternoon I received the letter that I had been accepted into your Overture and Shoreline publications. I cried. I've made the cut into several other copies since and even received an honourable mention in The Stand. A few years have passed, and I have been published in several other print and online magazines, and this week, my debut novel, The Lucky Man—An Act of Malice, went live on Amazon.
Polar Expressions is so vital for emerging authors. You give us that hand up and the recognition we desire and deserve. Writing is a hard business, and you take the sting out."

—Monika R. Martyn, Participant, Alberta

"I had the opportunity to participate in your 2017 short story contest, where I received an honorable mention and got myself published in one of your books, The Stand. It's been a while since, but I wanted to express my appreciation for the selection and for being able to take part in the event. I haven't had as much time to write as I wanted, but the time taken to evaluate my work and judge it is really appreciated. I've been inspired to try and put more work out there, and I'm aiming to publish something one day whether traditionally or on my own. It's been a great experience and I hope to participate again soon. Thank you for giving me and many others an outlet and voice for our writing."
—Shane Blackwood, Participant, Ontario

"This is just a quick email to thank you for being one of the first to support my writing. Recently, I was named CBC Writer-in-Residence. That never would have happened if it hadn't been for you promoting my work. You have a special place in my heart. You help writers make their dreams flesh. Thank you."
—Josh L., Participant, Québec

"Thank you for what you guys do! My girls are always looking forward to participating in this contest. Have a great day and keep up the great work of instilling love for literature in the hearts of children."
—Dalia H., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you for your favourable consideration of my writing, making it through the first round, and giving me the opportunity to publish my writing in a book. This gives me a lot of momentum to write more stories and to improve my English."
—Kai W., Student, British Columbia

"I cannot express how much joy the knowledge that I am going to be published brings me. . . . Thank you again."
—Angela B., Student, Ontario

"Thank you very much for providing this opportunity for students across Canada to grow as readers and writers. My students enjoyed reading the Polar Expressions collections from the past years and writing their own entries for the contest this year."
—Li-Shien L., Educator, Ontario

"Thanks, and as a parent, let me say how much of an impact your contests can have. My daughter is one of those kids who is creative and smart but can struggle with some of the demands of school, and I cannot tell you how excited she was at the prospect of having her story published. I think for her it felt like validation of her particular strengths, and as a parent it was a delight to see that. Thank you for the work you do."
—Patti T., Parent, Nova Scotia

"This is our third year of entries and I can tell you first hand that holding up the last two years of your poetry books before our poetry unit is a true and tangible inspiration for the students. They are very impressed to see their friends and siblings in the previous editions. Knowing their work now exists outside of the community is a great thing for them and a good reason to stay engaged. Your work is very much appreciated. . . ."
—Bill A., Educator, Nunavut

". . . What a great way to inspire our young writers to continue in their craft."
—Colleen M., Parent, British Columbia

"Thank you for all you do to promote the craft of writing and publication."
—Amanda T., Educator, Alberta

"A life without dreaming is a life without meaning, so thank you for making all this possible and for inspiring our kids to create."
—Antonella K., Parent, Ontario

"I would like to take this time to say how much my students enjoy reading the publications. I can only imagine the time and dedication it must take to do both the poetry and short story contest. You do inspire many young children across the country to write and discover the beauty, power, cadence, and timelessness of poetry; for that I am truly grateful."
—Wayne K., Educator, British Columbia

"Thanks so much—she is over the moon. . . ! Thanks for arranging this competition!"
—Emily S., Parent, Alberta

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in this contest and have my work judged. I really appreciate the work and time it takes to put together an event like this and love that you take the time each year to make sure it happens and that Canadians continue to express themselves."
—Lama A., Participant, Ontario

"Thank you for the encouragement and joy that this has brought!"
—Kristen T., Parent, Alberta

"Thank you for providing this opportunity and motivation for young people to write."
—Marion R., Educator, Ontario

"Oh, how excited I am to be even noticed by your company, let alone have the privilege to be published. . . . Thank you so much for giving me a chance. This is my dream, the beginning of a dream coming true."
—Isabella B., Participant, British Columbia

"Thank you for all your work to encourage children and adults to write; it is wonderful."
—Ildiko B., Parent, Ontario

"You have no idea how excited she was when she first got her letter about her poem being published. Well, maybe you do—but, well, she was bouncing off the ceiling, jumping for joy—it was very lovely."
—Tim C., Parent, Nova Scotia

"Thank you so much for offering students a real reason to write! We love your competition and my students look forward to entering every year!"
—Natalie F., Educator, British Columbia

"Thank you so much. . . . It is a wonderful keepsake and opportunity."
—Francine C., Parent, Manitoba

"I wanted to tell you how much I thank you for taking in my poem, along with a lot of other poems from all across Canada! . . . I also wanted to say how much I appreciate how much time and effort you put into these contests and how much I appreciate why you do this: 1) to get kids interested in writing, and 2) to get editors and publishers interested in publishing and editing kids’ writings, because they are truly amazing!"
—Kenna G., Participant, Alberta

"Many thanks for all your amazing work to encourage young writers and make them love to write."
—Vera S., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you for providing this opportunity for the students."
—Brandi S., Educator, Alberta

"This is a wonderful adventure for the minds of young people. As a parent, I appreciate the opportunity you have given."
—Frances L., Parent, Alberta

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to present my work in a published anthology. It is a nice feeling to know that my poetry is appreciated and that you recognized its potential. It was a pleasant surprise to discover Before the Frost in the mail during the holidays. The generous gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to pursue my poetic interests during the winter semester. I look forward to participating in next year's competition. Thanks again for your generosity and support."
—Larina M., Prize Winner, Ontario

"Once again I am honoured to have my work selected for publication in your books. . . . Thank you for your kind comments on the proof sheet. It's always a great thing to get this type of feedback. Polar Expressions Publishing feels like a family to me. I am in good company among the other authors and am amazed at the scope of work published. . . . I have appreciated the professional editing, which has always made my work better. Wherever I go, I pass along the name of Polar Expressions, encouraging others to submit their work."
—Barbie-Jo S., Participant, Alberta

"Thank you for giving an amazing opportunity to kids who love to write!"
—Connie F., Parent, Alberta

"I am thrilled that my poem got through the first round in this contest! Thank you so much for this opportunity."
—Dari H., Participant, Ontario

"Thank you so much! I am so happy that I was able to go through the first round in the short-story competition. It was such an honour and a pleasant surprise! Even more I will get to see my own work in print, and my family and relatives will be so proud of me. . . . Thank you again!"
—Jia Hui C., Participant, Ontario

"I would like to thank you for this amazing way of encouraging Canadian children to stretch their imagination and better themselves in the process."
—Lidia D., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you so much for this opportunity and your wonderful work."
—Diana W., Parent, British Columbia

"We thank you for this great opportunity, for your hard work, for encouraging our kids to express themselves, to be creative, to make our world more beautiful than it is. . . . We are very much impressed by the work Polar Expressions is doing every day, for encouraging our kids to develop strong writing skills at a young age. Thank you for encouraging and helping . . . students to have confidence . . . to read, write, create, to develop artistic abilities."
—Antonella K., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you for your help . . . letting me achieve my dreams of becoming a published author. I am truly grateful."
—Bridget H., Participant, British Columbia

"Thank you so much for running the contest again! The students look forward to it and enjoy it greatly. Keep up the good work!
—Don F., Educator, Ontario

"I appreciate the opportunity that you have provided for young students across Canada. This contest encourages us to express our thoughts through one of the most creative outlets—writing! Thanks again."
—Nawar T., Participant, Ontario

"Your contest is a fantastic way to include a meaningful Language Arts project before Christmas, and is greatly appreciated by our school!"
—Dana S., Educator, Alberta

"I often enter your short-story and poetry contests, and really enjoy doing so! I think that it's really great that kids get an opportunity to be published. . . . Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!!"
—Leah P.-W., Participant, Québec

"Thank you for such an excellent opportunity."
—Carol B.-N., Educator, Alberta

"Thank you, once again, for providing an opportunity for our students to exercise their creative talents."
—M.M., Department Head of English, Ontario

"Thank you sooo much for this opportunity. It has given me something I can feel proud of, and it's awesome."
—Kailey C., Participant, Saskatchewan

"Thank you for giving children an opportunity to express themselves."
—Sara M., Educator, Ontario

"Thanks again for the amazing contest! The students LOVE it!"
—Jeff Y., Educator, British Columbia

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again this year for your writing contest. It has become an annual event here. . . . Thank you for inspiring and motivating my students to write!"
—Emese G., Educator, Québec

"This was an encouraging experience for our students as we backed off and let them do their own thing without being nagged at about grammar and structure for once. Thank you for hosting this contest and I hope you enjoy reading their entries!"
—O. Chen, Educator, British Columbia

"Thank you very much for this opportunity to have students' writings recognized and published."
—Aeriel B., Participant, Ontario

"Thanks for this wonderful opportunity that encourages young minds towards creative writing."
—Zeenat S., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you AGAIN for this amazing opportunity for my students."
—Kelsey W., Educator, Alberta

"For the past two years, my students have enjoyed learning about poetry and then entering your competition. This competition gives us an opportunity to discover that there is a real audience out there who enjoys our writing. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for our students."
—Irene C., Educator, British Columbia

"Re: The Sun Shall Rise. Your first-place pick deserves the win—an excellent choice."
—Jim G., Participant, Ontario

"Thank you for giving Canadian writers this chance."
—Sheila G., Participant, Ontario

"It has been a good motivator for Abby to participate in this. Thanks so much for offering this to youth. Know that it makes a difference in their lives and their parents too."
—Brenda H., Parent

"I would like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity of having my story published. . . . It was a wonderful experience and I would love to be able to do it again. After being a writer for a couple years, I have never really felt as thought my work was all that good—even though my skills as a writer have improved greatly during that time. And having the opportunity to become a real published author is beyond anything I have ever imagined. Even though it has been a few months since finding out my short story . . . was going to be published I am still ecstatic and I tell everyone; after all, it is a great accomplishment for me. Again, I just wanted to let you know what you do for inspiring authors, like me, is beyond amazing and is very much appreciated. It definitely gives us more courage to keep on writing; I know it did for me. I guarantee you I plan on submitting more entries in the future."
—Krista W., Participant, New Brunswick

"Before your contest I had a very hard time letting others see my work. To hear I won was such an amazing lift to my spirits. . . . To have my winning results announced at my high school, usually dominated by sporting awards, is a real achievement. To have people congratulate me in the halls makes me feel so appreciative that you give kids like me a chance to take chances. You've affected me in such a positive way. . . . The more you make these contests available the more you motivate kids to stick with their passion. I couldn't be more grateful."
—Tessa O., Participant, Prince Edward Island

"Thank you for providing the imaginations of Canadian children a voice and a hope of being heard."
—Karen W., Educator, Ontario

"I really appreciate your contest and have had my students enter the competition every year since I started teaching. What a great way to promote writing!"
—Naomi F., Educator, Manitoba

"We are so excited about this wonderful news. Our son is very happy and looking forward to writing many more poems, stories, and books. He came home from school today and said, 'Mom, dreams come true.' Many thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much for making a child's dream come true."
—Elliott O., Parent, British Columbia

"Keep up the good work for providing students an avenue to display their work!"
—Pravina B., Educator, Northwest Territories

"Thank you for offering the opportunity to young writers to publish their works, your contest is a wonderful idea."
—Raymond M., Educator, Saskatchewan

"I am writing to offer praise concerning your publishing company. I have been writing for most of my life and was given the opportunity in 2009 to be published with your company; this excelled my passion and I have since had my stories published with Polar Expressions and also with other companies. I would like to say that Polar Expressions is an incredible place for both new and established authors to submit their work. The contests are great and are a joy to be a part of and I also am very appreciative of the fact that there is no entry fee. I hope you can continue to offer your services in the future."
—Chad Durling, Writer, Nova Scotia

"I wanted to take the time to thank you all . . . and to let you know what an honour it is to have been selected. As you know, this is my fourth time being published in your short-story anthologies, but the first time I've received an Honourable Mention from you and I couldn't be happier. It was such a surprise (a very pleasant one!) to open the packages you sent and discover the letter congratulating me. I am excited and can't wait to enter next year's competition. Once again, thank you to all of you for your hard work . . . the book looks amazing!"
—Sonia S., Writer, British Columbia

"Thanks ever so much for the copy of the The Calling and the Honourable Mention on your latest contest for my bit. . . . I am reading with great interest many of the other selections and feel fortunate indeed you considered my poem worthy of such distinction."
—Richard G., Poet, Ontario

"I am absolutely thrilled to have made your honourable mention list for this year's contest. This was the first fiction I have ever written. I found it harder than magazine writing but really enjoyed it. Hopefully it will inspire me to try more. Thank you."
—Margaret M., Writer, British Columbia

"I wish to thank you so much for the publishing of my brother's poem as it has given him hope and strength. He is now a survivor of cancer and is doing great."
—Catherine M., Poet, British Columbia

"I am so grateful to have the wonderful opportunity to be published for the second time. I have heard wonderful things about your company as well as my personal experience has been great. I continue to write, but also have gained a greater passion for writing as well as a deeper interest in literature in general because of Polar Expressions. I still enjoy last year's poetry book, The Journey, and feel so driven and have a greater joy in the written word. To see fellow Canadians' poetry is splendid, I am happy to have this in my home."
—Julie S., Poet, British Columbia

"Thanks to you and everyone at Polar Expressions for initiating the writing contests and showcasing the multitude of talent our citizens have to offer!"
—Jessica F., Poet, Ontario

"Thank you . . . for giving aspiring writers and poets an opportunity to publicly show their creations to the world. Your contests are certainly ideal vehicles for doing so."
—Alfred F., Poet and Writer, Ontario

"Today I received the letter indicating that I had been successful in progressing to the finals . . . and that my story would be published. It's difficult to express the feeling of satisfaction this gave me. As an aspiring writer, in what sometimes appears to be an impossible field to break into, this gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my goal to be a successful author . . . the fact that I will see some of my work in print is an amazing feeling. I want to thank you for holding this contest and giving hopeful writers, like myself, the chance of realizing their dream."
— Jason H., Writer, Ontario

"Wow! I was truly elated to read that my story has been chosen for publishing . . . having mine selected has been an enormous boost to my confidence as I contemplate venturing down a brand new path. Thank you for the gift . . . and for the opportunity that you offer to all Canadians to share their stories, share their hearts, and grow in every way."
—Anne K., Writer, British Columbia

"Words escape me in trying to describe to you how elated I felt when I received your letter telling me that my short story was selected to be published. . . . Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart, your kind words of encouragement mean the world to me."
—Louise L., Writer, Manitoba

"There's something about having a peer's work published in print for all to see that is very empowering for the individual, but for the school community as a whole. Thanks for continuing to support student writing, creativity, and artistic endeavours."
—Jeff Y., Educator, British Columbia

"It is this kind of exercise that encourages children and shows them that if they work hard they will be rewarded."
—Karla F., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you so much for all you do for these kids. It is great to see them light up when they hear their story will be published."
—Blair H., Educator, Alberta

"Thank you for all the work. You are doing such a great thing for our children."
—Michael L., Parent, Ontario

"Thanks for giving this opportunity to me! It means a lot to be able to enter my writing into these competitions."
—Sarah K., Participant, Saskatchewan

"Thank you again for making this a great opportunity for the students to have their work published. I will continue to spread the word."
—Sheran B., Educator, Ontario

"I thank you for your time and encouragement you have given me and to the many writers across the country. . . . I feel honored and your kind words give me encouragement to keep on writing."
—Gemma T., Writer, British Columbia

"I don't think I can possibly express how thankful I am that you chose my story; so these two words will have to cover it: Thank You. . . . I am very grateful to you for providing the opportunity."
—Shannon G., Writer, Manitoba

"Thank you for your letter informing me that my entry . . . has been short-listed. . . . I am so excited!."
—Marion I., Writer, British Columbia

"Thanks again for all you do. Writing has become such an important part of these children's lives thanks a lot to your competition."
—Jan J., Educator, Ontario

"Your contest certainly motivated many of my students. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate children's writing."
—Shauna C., Educator, Ontario

"The students love to see their words in print and share the books around. Thank you for the opportunity."
—Betty W., Educator, Alberta

"Thank you for the copy of Harbour. It is another great collection of poetry by young Canadian students. I hope to continue promoting this opportunity for students in the schools where I work. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase their literary talents and share the work of peers from coast to coast. Thank you."
—Sheran B., Educator, Ontario

"I would like to thank you for offering this contest to the students. It has made a difference here. . . . Once again I thank you."
—Betty P., Educator, Ontario

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you provide to our young writers."
—Lily R., Parent, Alberta

"Thank you for organizing this contest. . . . One never knows how one small 'win' or 'word of praise' or accomplishment might change a path for a young person."
—Denise M., Parent, Ontario

"I am glad that my writing has been so well received and am extremely grateful for the generous reward you have given me. Thank you, sincerely, for this opportunity."
—Kaleb W., Writer, Saskatchewan

"The Solitude book arrived today, and it's perfect! As a fan of herons and solitude, the cover truly appeals to me. It's graceful, warm, and welcoming. I'm also impressed with the spacious layout of the poems, the biographical information, and the index listing. . . . The book size is perfect too—very comfortable to hold and to read. It's truly thrilling to see a poem of mine in print. I'm honoured to have my work included in this collection. Many thanks to you, and all the other creative caring souls at Polar Expressions, for presenting this opportunity and for making the end result so special."
—Anne K., Poet, British Columbia.

“What a great way to have Canadian writers published. Kudos to you."
—Sheila G., Writer, Ontario

"Thank you so much for listening! I appreciate having an opportunity to express myself! Quite unexpected, really!"
Debbie P., Poet, Ontario

"Thank you so much. . . . It is a true honour and I cannot stop thanking my lucky stars to have ended up in Canada. It is a beautiful culture and country too."
—Theresa H., Poet, Ontario

"Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity being part of the competition."
—Lynda B., Poet, Ontario

"I want to express to you how grateful I am to have the opportunity you have given me, and many other budding Canadian writers, to have my writing acknowledged and published. . . . I am thrilled and very encouraged."
Sharon B., Poet and Writer, Ontario

"Many of the students in my class are very excited about the contest. They . . . recently discovered that they can write, and even enjoy it. They have worked hard . . . and are delighted at the idea of being published. We look forward to entering this contest again next year as well. Thank you for encouraging my students to shine, because now they do."
—Denine L., Educator, Manitoba

"Thank you again for holding this competition. They were so proud, they could hardly contain themselves. It was also great for them to read other children's writing in order to expand their style and thought. The books were terrific. Thanks again."
—Jan. J., Educator, Ontario

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity. . . . It is important that students have an outlet outside of class where their work may be recognized."
—Candice N., Educator, Ontario

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you again. . . . Your contest is a great way to encourage today's youth to write and has inspired my students to show off their writing skills."
—Emese G., Educator, Québec

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank Polar Expressions for giving all the students this amazing chance. Keep up the good work."
—Catherine S., Parent, Ontario

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so thrilled to win first prize and honourable mention in your 2008 contests. You made my day, my week, my month. And what a great time of year to get any extra $$. Now I feel like a writer for the first time."
—Bernice B., Writer and Poet, Nova Scotia

"Last year I entered your free poetry competition by submitting some genuine slush poetry and it was promptly rejected.  But because of PE [Polar Expressions], I started writing more and more poems. I am happy to report that I have finally succeeded in getting one of my poems published. . . . Thank you, PE, for challenging me, for giving me an opportunity to free the poet that was trapped inside my head all these years.  I am now a published poet and part of that credit goes to PE."
—Stephen J., Poet

"Thank you . . . for providing such wonderful opportunities for children."
—Bonnie B.G., Parent, British Columbia

"Thanks for listening."
—Sharon B., Poet, British Columbia

"I am sincerely appreciative to you for considering my poem worthy of recognition. Thank you. It really means a lot to me."
—Katherine K., Poet, Nova Scotia

"Thank you for the encouragement this gives me to continue writing."
—Teresa S., Poet, British Columbia.

“This is everything to me. I am truly honoured."
—Tabitha N., Poet, British Columbia

"Thank you for reading my poem and taking the time with it. This really pleased me."
—Bernie M., Poet, Ontario

"Thanks for another reason to keep writing."
Ken A., Writer, Ontario

"Thank you for considering my story. It means the world."
Laura T., Writer, Alberta

"I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for young authors across Canada. This contest means a lot to me and to think that I’m finally a published author is almost too exciting to bear. Last year when I received the letter that I was to be published I got so excited that I couldn’t stop talking about it! And just to add to the excitement, I got a letter a few months later describing that I had received third prize in the contest. . . .”
—Hannah Z., Student, Ontario

“Kudos to your company for giving students the opportunity to express themselves.”
—Geraldine H., Grandparent, Ontario

“I would like to thank you for this amazing chance for our students to feel that their words have not fallen on deaf ears. You have no idea how much this means to them.”
—Jan J., Educator, Ontario

“With opportunities like Polar Expressions, our students are able to improve their literacy skills while gaining an appreciation for Canadian literature.”
—Dave G., Principal, Ontario

“Thank you for making this contest available. It was an excellent opportunity for my students to polish some writing skills and exercise some creativity.”
—Wilma V., Educator, British Columbia

“Thank you for all you do! Please continue!”
—Pam G., Educator, Saskatchewan

"Thank you for the honour . . . ! It is a fun opportunity to be a part of this!”
—Deanna L., Student, British Columbia

“Thanks for the wonderful opportunity for students to write, be judged and published. These two girls are thrilled! And have been honoured at being chosen.”
—Brenda, Educator, Saskatchewan

“Thank-you. It is all very exciting. It is very nice to see that some of my students were selected . . . I think it is a terrific opportunity and learning experience.”
—Jocelyn B., Educator, Alberta

“I am just writing, to thank you for choosing it [a poem], I greatly appreciate it and am very excited that it will be published. Thank you very very much.”
—W.T., Student, Quebec

“Thanks for supporting and encouraging young authors.”
—Tom S.A., Educator, Ontario

“Thanks so much for offering this program. The children are very excited.”
—Debbie B., Educator, Ontario

“Thank you for this opportunity to enter your contest. . . . It was interesting to hear the colourful language emerging in their stories and how different stories they heard influenced their imaginations. Your contest also gives a purpose to compose. Thanks!”
—Nancy R., Educator, Alberta

“Thank you so much for what you are doing for our youth.”
—Steve B., Parent, Ontario